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Multitouch Interactive Displays

MultiTouch interactive displays are the latest technological evolution of touch-sensitive screens. While single point of contact touch screens are commonplace, MultiTouch is the latest attempt to improve the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Instead of using peripheral devices, such a mouse, keyboard, or stylus, users can interface with their computer with the touch of their fingers, allowing for multiple inputs at the same time. The movement of the fingers across the screen create various gestures, sending commands to the device. Such sensing devices are inherently also able to accommodate multiple users simultaneously, which is especially useful for larger interaction scenarios such as interactive video walls and tabletops.


LED Advertising Displays

LED display is a new generation of fresh digital media and now has become one of the most powerful channels for advertising. LED display's vivid colours and sharp images delivers amazing visual impact, not only attract those passing by to maximise the media value, but also highlight the commercial value of the media resource. The high-precision technology delivers brilliant and natural colours, outstanding performance, attracts high-end clients, and boosts ad revenue.


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